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ROBOT BUTT!Come see more robot butts April 26th, 8pm- NYC http://m.bpt.me/event/621254


Worf, sounds like it works great for the Klingons, but I think I need to try something a little less dangerous.

Man, lesbian Klingons must be badass

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"The last rites of many a Victorian gentleman involved a discreet fire at the bottom of the garden." - The Sexual History of London, C. Arnold.

Incriminating letters, bawdy house menus, or lewd drawings one might hide behind a velvet curtain in one’s study served as the fuel for such fires. Join us for Dr. Sketchy’s triumphant return and let our delectable models

Johnny Panic
Minx Arcana
Fan Cy Feast

inspire you to draw some naughty art of your own in the hot-house atmosphere of a Victorian brothel. Hosted by the marvelous Suffra Gent.

You can look forward to lovely sartorial contest prizes from FineAndDandyShop.com and Claire Sanders Designs! 

Session runs from 4-7 pm. Please bring your own art supplies. 
There will be both short (2-5 minute) and long (10-15 minute) poses. No photography allowed (it frightens the horses).

Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher Street
New York, New York 10014

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door. 

We are only TWO WEEKS AWAY! Have you reserved a spot yet? http://www.drsketchy.com/branch/newyork

nd please, join the Dr. Sketchy’s group on facebook to keep abreast of our future events! Lewd Alfred Douglas and I are cooking up some delicious sessions in the months to come!

Our friends!

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I didn’t get to shoot a lot of the show, but here are a handful of performance shots from last weeks Nerdlesque Festival at Webster Hall.


Whoa these 3D graphics are getting pretty advanced. #bravelydefault


Whoa these 3D graphics are getting pretty advanced. #bravelydefault

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Socially Awkward Isn’t An Excuse




This is an amazing article. Long, but amazing.

Deals with harassment, the difference between being (offensively) ‘awkward’ (or using it as a cover) and having actual social anxiety, and includes notes on how to deal with harassment as well as notes that are worth reflecting on.

dear lord this is important, read this, for those who have experienced people like this, and those who aren’t aware of the distinction between someone who has social anxiety and a creeper.

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve been one of the people complicit in enabling “socially awkward” creepers. For many years I believed the “He’s just awkward and doesn’t understand why what he’s doing isn’t appropriate” excuse, so I either sat by while “awkward” guys I knew creeped on women or I actively excused creepy behavior when it came up later. Ugh, this article just cements for me why this excuse is bullshit. Ugh ugh ugh. 

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Tim Schafer and Anja Keister (as Tim Schafer) at the D20 Burlesque 2014 show: Tim Schafer-lesque - A Strip Tribute to the games of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions.

Sexual Harassment in Comics



Doing a survey about sexual harassment in comics. Please respond, share, etc. as much as you can and I will owe you one for life.

If you’ve ever been harassed or assaulted by someone in the comics community, please consider answering this survey. Janelle was on the ECCC panel about harassment, and we suspect this information may help her in further efforts to make the comic community a safer place.

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YAY Cordelia character growth! 

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